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Things Which Can Do By Mixer Grinder

Which Can Do By Mixer Grinder

Even the most popular kitchen machines get bad reviews. A person can cause a lot of trouble with a product that most consumers like, which can seem confusing. Many of these negative comments are easily explained due to a lack of understanding from critics.

No matter how good a food processor it is, it won’t automatically turn you into a cook. Requires a certain level of skill and experience. Don’t be disappointed or overwhelmed. This ability is easy to achieve. Most of the content consists of two things: knowing what to do and what not and how to use the pulse button. It’s hard to know which kitchen equipment is best for which task. There was disagreement among the chefs which only caused confusion. I’ve listed some basic guidelines to help you have realistic expectations for this useful new kitchen gadget.

In weak hands, you can expect a food processor to slice cheese or vegetables, emulsify herbs and mayonnaise, thinly slice large portions of food, and slice up almost anything. Food processors can mix and knead the bread dough ingredients for you. He can skillfully chop the fat into pie crusts or other dough. You can make most of the vegetable puree.

The kitchen processor can perform several tasks even though it is not optimal. These methods include making thick soups from soups and grinding meat. Food processors can easily puree soup, but they cannot handle large amounts of liquid, so they have to be broken into small pieces. Most food processors will not be able to fill with liquid until half the cooking time. Therefore, you will need a 12 cup machine to mix 6 cups of soup. In most cases, a blender is a better choice (you can use an immersion blender in the pan you are cooking.)


The meat can be technically processed according to the desired results. Pate chicken liver using food processor porridge. Large chunks of beef that are almost grated enhance the flavour of the peppers. But getting between the two sequences is the most complicated. Meat that has been chopped in a food processor becomes mushy after the stirring stage. The “mushy” texture is great for homemade gyroscopes, dumpling fillings, or homemade sausages. In burgers, patties or most common beef applications may not be satisfactory. While stews and some soups can fix lumps, you can handle some thick, chewy chunks in recipes that don’t require a long, slow cooking process. Therefore, when determining whether a food processor is suitable for ground beef, consider the final texture that will be achieved.

Your food processor should not perform certain tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, ground spices and chopped ice. Both tasks are too difficult for a knife. Unless you want to use a chef’s knife to cut vegetables because they are too tough, don’t expect a food processor knife to get any better. What to use? Use a mortar or coffee grinder to season well. Stirrers are ideal tools for making ice cream.

If you want the best results, you need to be proficient in the heart rate button. There’s a good reason high-end models don’t have variable speed. Speed ​​is controlled by a suitable impulse. Quick and short shots are required to cut evenly. If not, you will get the original food while the others are still large. This also applies to cutting fat in the dough.

It is important to remember that even the most qualified cook will perform the tasks designed by the food processor, and the work depends on the quality of the machine. A powerful electric motor always delivers smoother and better results. For more information, see the Quality Purchasing Guide. Check user reviews.


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