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Mixer Grinder

It can be cut, diced, sliced, sliced ​​and shredded: it is an excellent food processor. Many chefs have to thank a man named Carl G. Sontheimer, and even though they have never seen his name before, they certainly appreciate his legacy. Mr. Sontheimer is known for producing the first modern kitchen machine in 1973.

At this time he also founded the Cuisinart factory. Before finding, crushing, slicing, chopping bones, mincing and all the operations in between, this work must be done by hand – it takes a lot of energy and time. The next time you come across a recipe that calls for twelve slices of carrots, thank Carl for saving his knuckles and the trouble hand-sliced ​​carrots cause.

A kitchen processor can help you hold the top for a longer period of time. They are also essential for making cakes, aioli, marinades, and more. A good and reliable food processor is essential for any fully equipped kitchen. What is a reliable and efficient food processor? Let’s take a look at the smallest specifications to suit your kitchen.

An important factor in food processing

In most cases, all food businesses have various workbenches with reversible blades that rotate by motor. You don’t need these 3 basic things, you don’t have a food processor. But what else do you need to pay attention to determine which food processor suits your needs? You will find three important things to consider:


The total capacity of the working bowl

There are even work bowls that vary in size, from the thin three-cup version to the 20-cup version. This is the ten best family or a restaurant. In my opinion, anything less than 9 cups should fill almost any recipe set – at this point, you can still chop/chop/chop everything by hand. At the same time, work bowls with a capacity of 14 cups or more belong to restaurants or applications where large quantities of food are prepared. This is because the bowl is too big and you cannot mix, puree, etc. effectively. in small quantities, as food can fall under the knife when turned over. Goldilocks are typically 9 to 12 cups. It is sufficient for most tasks but small enough to ensure proper handling of your food.


Power! Starch is an essential aspect of all food processing. If you don’t use a powerful enough motor, you won’t be able to knead the hummus out of bread or jam. On the other hand, you don’t need anything that can penetrate the hard metal. Look for products with the blade shaft directly attached to the motor. Products that use belt or chain drives should be avoided at all costs. I am not going to give a processor that uses a 100 horsepower motor or a 2000 watt motor. I also recommend that you check the comments and see if anyone has complained that they freeze while using. As long as you have a little common sense, buy a well-known brand, and only buy models where the blade shaft connects directly to the engine, this shouldn’t be a problem.


The final major element is the food processor control panel. There are three types of switches I have: On, Off, and Pulse. They should be simple and straightforward. If you have more of these keys, it can get a little tricky. I’m not sure why each blender usually comes with 20 buttons, but I like the simplicity of the three buttons on a food processor.


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